2 October 2013

Do you know – when Pammie asked me to do a weekly blog, I really wondered what I could possibly find to write about once every week. Wonder no more, Rosie! There’s loads going on! Okay, for starters, without even trying, this weekend we ‘raised’ another £390 from 3 events – just wonderful people who empathise with our cause and wanted to help. Then, guess what, another £1,000 cheque, out of the blue, from a friend of Peter Roberts. Wow! Pammie, Peter must have been a very special guy!

I also want to mention Susan Foster and Antony, her fiancé. This is the most generous, kind and fantastic gesture ever! They are getting married next Spring and rather than ask their guests to bring presents, they are asking them to donate the present money to The PPR Foundation. Even though you don’t know Susan and Ant, just have a look at their Just Giving page – http://www.justgiving.com/goosewedding It’s the most unselfish act and although Susan knew Ian, how she persuaded Ant to give up his wedding gifts, I don’t know. (Presumably you have compensated him in other ways, Sooz!). Hey, anybody reading this, could you just send them a couple of quid to show gratitude for this selfless act?

Three of our ladies attended a Facebook and Twitter learning session. Now, being old dogs, new tricks don’t come easy, but a little bit of tweeting has, amongst other things, brought us a fantastic offer of help at our next big function. So it does work!

And from emailing our contacts about the launch of the new website, the wonderful James Brindley of Harrogate have offered to help raise funds. BRILLIANT! I love that shop! Just wish I had a bigger flat and then I could be a better customer! Alas!

We will soon have a fully qualified ITEC Diploma Holistic Massage Therapist in our midst. Sue Forsyth has been training for several months now and I can tell you through personal experience that she’s brilliant. Throughout her training, she’s had to practice on several ‘guinea pigs’ but fortunately for PPR, our collection box has been close to the massage table and, as Sue would not take payment for her practice sessions, our fund has benefited!

Oh, and I’m now in charge of sorting out a wine tasting pre-Christmas. Hmmmmm, I’m going to have to get organised! However, I can tell you so far that the event will take place at Dr B’s Kitchen, a really nice, intimate little café at the Harrogate end of Knaresborough Road in Harrogate on Friday evening, 29th November, 6.30 p.m. for a couple of hours. A bit of wine tasting and hopefully you’ll like what you taste and maybe order your Christmas wine (as we get a little commission on your orders). There will also be some nibbles to soak up the wine! Please come along to this as I’ve never actually been in charge of a whole event for PPR before and I’d really love to show them that I can do it! Seriously, we all have the common goal of eradicating this dreadful illness but why not have some fun and get to know each other whilst we do it!

Well, I’m currently in the South of France. I know, it’s a hard life!    So, I will sign off now until next week.


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