11 October 2013

11 October 2013

Hi Everyone,

The new office is progressing quickly now and I think it will be ready to open within the next six weeks.    This building which was once a derelict old stable is now, thanks to so many kind people, almost ready to house The PPR Foundation.   All sorts of people have helped us;  Craig and Guy from Wrightson Simmons Builders have taken on all of the building work, and what smashing guys they are! Our architect, Chris Robinson, and his son James (who did the sponsored bike ride in the summer) have done all their work free of charge and are continuously overseeing the new PPR office project.   GH Brooks are letting us have 5% back of all that we spend with them as a donation to our fund. Tubs and Taps of Wakefield have given us a kitchen, totally free of charge with all the appliances – Christian Hazell and his business partner, Richard, were told about our charity and very kindly decided to help us in this way.   Sheila (of Sheila Henry in Harrogate) has donated the fixtures and fittings for the cloakroom and Duncan from DH Signs, who is fitting all the signs, has now offered the external sign as a gift from his company.   And Craig’s dad has now generously come out of retirement to paint our office!  The support we are getting is just wonderful.  Julie and Simon Dedman of Hopton Brow have given us all our office furniture free of charge and as they are changing their PCs, they have donated their current ones to us and they are only a couple of years old.   Graham Ervine of Design Contract Flooring has offered to carpet our office for us, again, totally free of charge!

Steve and Amanda Worrell continue to do our accounts and Richard Rusby of Cowling, Swift and Kitchen continues to do our legal work, both free of charge, even though the workload is so much bigger now than when we started.

We must be doing something right!!    Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone!

We’re just waiting for a decision from Harrogate Council about how we can surface the courtyard outside the office but that should be with us by next week so we’re nearly there.

Oh, and Asia and Maciek Krawczyk of JMK Services have offered to clean our office every week when we are up and running free of charge!

So, although we managed to raise our first £390,000 as a kitchen table charity, having an office will turn us into an organised force with so much more scope.  The enthusiasm we have as a team needs to be harnessed and brought together.  The office will do that.   It will give us a place to work together, pool our ideas, meet our supporters, store our stuff, etc.   It’s happening now and it’s all very exciting but it will need funds to pay for its upkeep.  Obviously there is no way we will ever use the donations made to brain tumour research to finance this.   Never, Ever!   Irene Small, one of our PPR ladies, started the ball rolling on the ‘office operating’ fund with a general personal donation, for which we are very grateful but the expense will be on going so we are hoping that by asking people to pledge £5 per month to our office fund, we can meet those costs, thus enhancing our ability to achieve our real aim of raising funds for research.   Again, we are asking for people’s generosity but perhaps you could think about it like this:  maybe, like me, you’ve sent money each month to a fantastic cause only to realise that a portion of that donation is going on cheap pens, greetings cards, bookmarks and worst of all, postage, to send the rubbish to you!   We will never do that!   Promise!

On an entirely different note, we met a lady called Rebecca Newman at the Party in the Park that we went to in September (this was the concert where our patron, Russell Watson was singing).    Rebecca not only has the most beautiful voice but she is keen to support The PPR Foundation and we are hoping that she will sing at a concert we want to organise next year.   However, meanwhile, she is appearing at the Barbican in York on 15th December so why not go along (we’re going) and listen for yourself.

Hey, and what about this?  Adam of Reel Films has adopted us as his charity and he wants to make a film of us.  Us!    Woo hoo, we’re going to be famous!!

We’re in the process of producing a regular newsletter.   Have a look on our website and you can sign up for this and that way you can keep in touch with whatever we’re planning.

Oh, and most important (because I’m in charge of this event), the wine tasting on the 29th November is actually starting at 6 p.m. as Graham Coverdale will be doing his tutorial and tasting at 6.30 so you need to be there in time for that.   Tickets available on the website.

And another £85 came in this week from some generous supporters who held a private event.   We are so grateful that people think of us.

And not quite for PPR’s research funds, but Asia, one of our wonderful supporters, held a fund raising event last Saturday for her own friend, Karolina, who is suffering from a brain tumour.  Money was raised to help with Karolina’s treatment.     Karolina is very young and her illness brought Asia into our fold and she is now a highly valued member of our team.

Well, that’s it for now.  See you next week!


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