18 October 2013

We had our event at The Tannin Level In Harrogate the other evening.  It was great!    We took up three long tables and the atmosphere , the food and the drink were all brilliant.    I think everyone enjoyed it and I hope it will become a regular event.     Several of our friends came along, including Anke, Susan and Carmel who are carrying out the research into brain tumours for us at St James’ Hospital    Their presence helped to show all of our guests that the money we are raising is actually being put to a very real purpose.  I think this is what sets The PPR Foundation aside from many other charities – the fact that we are so in touch with where the money is being spent.

With X Factor now at the Live Shows stage and Downton Abbey well underway, it must mean that Christmas is around the corner.     Last year, three of us asked our friends not to send us Christmas cards but instead to donate £1 to our Just Giving pages to support PPR’s brain tumour research.   Can you believe it, between the three of us, we raised a staggering £3,272 (some of us obviously used to get a lot of Christmas cards!).   Our Just Giving pages are still open




BUT if you’d really like to support us in a very worthy cause, then please, please consider opening your own page and ask your friends to donate too.    £1 can be donated by mobile phone to Just Giving.   Alas, on the web page itself, the lowest donations are £2 but who cares!   Nobody seemed to mind last year!   

However, if you don’t like that idea, no problem!  We have produced our own PPR Christmas cards.  These are available on our website but, better still, Simon Grafton, the Managing Director at James Brindley in Harrogate and his store manager, Justine have both offered to help us in any way that they can, beginning with selling Christmas cards on our behalf this year !   Also, Val, the owner of Garden Room Flowers has also offered to sell them for us.

And PPR has now gone Global!    I was in the South of France last week and the Secretary of the Cannes Branch of The British Association gave me a personal cheque for our fund.  It was most unexpected but of course, very gratefully received.  Thank you so much.    On top of that, Irene’s friend in South Carolina is going to run a half marathon for us!    It’s hard to believe the recognition and support we are now managing to achieve.

I asked around the PPR ladies if they had anything to contribute to my blog and Sue has really come up trumps!  She’s going to do The Great North Swim in June!    A mile across Windermere Lake.   She must be off her trolley!     However, I won’t tell her that as I’m sure this will be a great fundraiser.   She will definitely deserve lots of sponsor money for that.  Look out for her Just Giving page.  

Another £180 rolled in this week via a donation from one of Pammie’s contacts.   Help like this makes it all so much easier.   Another 180 people less to ask!    

And back to the progress with the office, Wrightson Simmons, our lovely builders, have now  fitted the kitchen and put all the office signs up totally free of charge!

Well, that’s all for now.    Talk soon!    x


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