Well Hi everyone; I am Pammie, Rosie’s ‘Deputy’ for the next few week whilst her and Sue are away on their travels. Rosie is a hard act to follow, (she writes the Blog so well), but I will do my best, so here goes: 

November already and Christmas is just around the corner. Talking of Christmas, why not order our PPR Foundation Christmas cards: They will be available from our website as from Tuesday November 5th.

On Saturday, I received an eMail from James Hall, (a very dear friend of my late husband), telling me that he had collected £80 from his friends for The PPR Foundation. Thank you James and please thank all who so generously donated.

On Wednesday, I received a text from Craig, our builder who told me that he had collected some donations for us both monitory and ‘in kind’. IBPM, (bathroom and kitchen suppliers), donated free taps and clicker-waste; they also sold us the sink at cost. (Craig even managed to sell the sink that we were unable to use and put the monies towards the new one). EPS, (Jody and Daz), who supplied us with the boiler and all the plumbing fittings, gave us a Cheque for £50. Choice Building Supplies, (Gary and Andrew), who have supplied all the roof trusses and doors very kindly gave us a £40 cash donation.

I opened an eMail this morning from Ask Building Control from Paul Willmore and Paul Sessford; I quote, I’m please to announce that we’ve decided to donate 50% of the Building Regulation fee that was paid for our services on this project, to The PPR Foundation. Our donation will be £135. After speaking to Craig, we have looked at the website and we’re sure your work will benefit lots of people. Your newly created office is great, and we wish you all well with the good work.”

I wrote to thank Craig from us all and this was his reply, It has been a pleasure working for both yourself & the PPR foundation. It is lovely to see a group of people devoted to their memories  & working hard to achieve a goal for such a worthy cause.” Craig

Wow! People are so kind.

Friday November 1st was the evening that the results for The Harrogate and District Volunteering Oscars were to be announced. I had nominated our six lovely widows, The PPR Ladies, as they work tirelessly for our cause. Imagine my surprise when I received an eMail from Councillor John Fox telling me that they had won The Ackrill Media Group Unsung Heroes Award, sponsored by The Harrogate Advertiser. Councillor Fox then went on to say that that I had to keep it a secret! We were all invited to attend the reception at 6.30pm so, without giving anything away, I e-mailed all the ladies and asked if they were free. One by one they all replied and as each eMail came in, my heart sank lower and lower; it appeared that they were all going to be globetrotting! Thankfully, Jetta and Irene were both available to join me at the reception to be held at The Old Swan Hotel at 6.30pm.

They both arrived and I simultaneously handed them both an envelope containing a copy of Councillor Fox’s letter; they were both very quiet for a few moments and then said that they would be delighted to accept this on behalf of the seven husbands who were so cruelly and prematurely snatched away from us.

I have left Irene and Jetta representing us all at the ‘Winners Dinner’. I hope that they have a wonderful evening and cannot wait to hear about it. Maybe,  …. Irene and Jetta should write at least ‘part’ of next week’s blog! Watch this space.

Have a great weekend everyone and a big hug, from me, to ‘The Globe-trotters’ 



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