Friday 8th November 2013


Me again everyone; Rosie’s Deputy Blogger!


Well, the absolute euphoria of last Friday’s Oscar success is still keeping us all on a high! For our PPR Ladies to be the winners of ‘The Harrogate Unsung Heroes Award’ is absolutely brilliant and I am so very proud of them all.


We do however, have another three very valuable PPR Ladies, Paula, Sue and Joanna whose lives have also been touched by Brain Tumour journey. They work so hard for us and we are very lucky to have them all. Let me tell you all a little more about them all ……..


Paula was the Regional Fundraiser for Dr Barnardo’s for 12 years; she brings a wealth of experience with her and really does keep us all on the straight and narrow. Her expertise is invaluable to us, (but she is incredible fun also), and she is a critical member of our team; I do not know how we would manage without her; thank you Paula, from us all.  


Sue, a nurse with lots of neurological experience, has recently decided to have a career change. She has now qualified in massage therapy and is planning to undertake other complimentary courses. Sue does not charge for her treatments; she just asks that a donation to The PPR Foundation be put into one of our collecting boxes; what a generous lady Sue is.


Joanna, our lovely Polish volunteer, has a friend in Poland; Karolina, who has recently been diagnosed with a GBM 4; the very worst diagnosis there is! This jettisoned Joanna into action and she has become an intrinsic part of our fund-raising team and we just love having her on board.


Three more ‘Unsung Heroes’ methinks; they all certainly all get my Oscar!


I did say in last week’s blog that I would ask Irene and Jetta to write a paragraph about the ‘Oscars’ from their perspective and Irene has absolutely insisted that I print a recent eMail of hers in the blog. To quote …


“For the blog could you just write the email I sent everyone and I mean all of it please – I want the bit about you in as I want the world to know what you mean to us and how unselfish you have been nominating all of us? As your wingman I demand it!!”



Dear Girls,

                  To say Jetta and I were surprised last night is an understatement  – more like gob smacked! It was an honour and a privilege to collect The Unsung Heroes Award on behalf of us all and just wish we all could have been there. To meet such lovely people who, like ourselves, seek no reward was truly humbling and quite emotional but we were very proud. It would have been nice to say a few words but we never got the chance, as I wanted to say something about Pammie who nominated us in the first place.

Without you Pammie there would be no PPR. You are our inspiration, our strength, our vision, our driving force and our dear friend and I hope you know what you mean to each and every one of us – and for once just accept some praise!! We still have a long way to go but with you at the helm how can we fail in our hope that a cure will be found one day,


 Of course our husbands are our Unsung Heroes and always will be but I do think they would also be so very proud of us all,


Much Love,


Irene x


I whole-heartedly applaud the fact that indeed our late husbands were all absolute heroes. They endured the most awful illness bravely and without complaint; research is definitely the way forward!


I also asked Rosie, our absentee Chief Blogger, to send some news from her and Sue in New Zealand; their greeting is below


Message from Sue and Rosie is “Kia Ora” (which means Hello in Maori).




Back to business; Paula and I were very busy on Wednesday looking for a venue where we could hold our inaugural ball in 2014; it will be called:


The PPR Foundation; Black, White and Pearls Ball’.


It is all very much in the early planning stages, but very exciting things are afoot; more news hopefully in next weeks blog. People are all so kind and I am constantly humbled by their generosity; we are so lucky.


Well everyone, have a good weekend, (despite the weather), and I will be back next week with my final blog before Rosie’s return.




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