Monday November 18th 2013

Well Hi everyone,

It’s me again, the ‘Deputy Blogger’, standing in for Rosie for the penultimate week of her tour of the Antipodes.

Well, several things have happened this week and one of them is this. A really delightful lady, Dawna Goss, has invited us to her home on the evening of Thursday 5th December from 6.30pm onwards as she is hosting a ‘Pearl Party Evening’ in her home Her kindness is amazing and she has promised to produce some very exciting nibbles for us all to spur us on with our shopping; a super pre-Christmas event.

Val Jones from Borcq is going to showcase her fabulous pearl jewellery, (all of which will be available to purchase). Furthermore, Val would be delighted to take commissions; no matter how small, for bespoke pearl jewellery. Val’s talents are wonderful so please do take advantage of this opportunity; one certainly not to be missed. (She will also re-thread your existing pearls and is always in demand; her knowledge is second to none).

We at The PPR Foundation will have a ‘Tree of Life’ and gifts from this tree can be purchased for a minimum cost of £1. All gifts from the tree are valued at in excess of £5; many are worth significantly more. Our PPR Foundation charity Christmas cards will be available and also, lots of unique Christmas candles and ornaments. Don’t miss this event; it really is a ‘Too good to miss evening’; please put the date in your diary immediately.

Our new office in Ripley is now nearing completion and Graham Ervine, (Uncle Graham’), of Design Contract Flooring is supplying and fitting our new charcoal grey carpet tiles totally free of charge. Graham came over to measure last Tuesday and the carpet will be fitted tomorrow; we are so lucky – everyone has been so terribly kind 

I know that I am late posting this blog, but that is intentional as I was awaiting confirmation of some wonderful news. The PPR Foundation are planning to hold their inaugural ball in November 2014 and to that end, Paula and I looked at several likely venues, one of which was the magnificent Royal Hall; The Palace of Glittering Gold! I have only five minutes since put the telephone down after speaking to the delightful Rebecca Turnbull who is the Sales Manager for this amazing venue. Rebecca has told me that the charge for the hire of The Royal Hall for:

The PPR Foundation; Black, White and Pearls Ball, 

WILL BE WAIVED! It is the very first time that they have chosen to do this and we feel both privileged and humbled that they have chosen our charity. All I could say was ‘WOW’ and then I simply couldn’t wait to write and tell you all about the many kindnesses that have come our way since my last blog!

One more blog from me next week and then Rosie will be back. Have a great week everyone

Warmest regards





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