Friday 22nd November 2013

Well Hi again …..  Everyone,

I am posting this, my final blog today as, thankfully, our lovely Rosie will be back, blogging again, with you all next week; on Friday 29th November so this is my ultimate blog.

Rosie and Sue have so much to share with you all from their experiences in The Antipodes and, we are all looking forward to hearing about their travels from the other side of the world. (Amongst it all, they have even endured an earthquake)!! – Lovely Sue slept through the whole thing – well done Sue – I too slept throughout the UK tremor a few years ago!!!!)

I have certainly enjoyed sharing all our PPR news with you all and I think I have been very privileged as I have been able to tell you about, amongst others, two very exciting events in my last two blogs. The first being that my most amazing and dedicated, ‘Six PPR Ladies’ won the Volunteer Oscar for the ‘Unsung Heroes of Harrogate’ and, how very proud I am of them all. If a group of uniquely dedicated volunteers ever deserved an Oscar – these ‘Six’ wonderful PPR ladies certainly did.

The Magnificent Seven

Jetta and Irene certainly rose to the occasion on the evening in question to accept this Oscar on behalf of the ‘Six PPR Ladies’; they deserved their own private Oscar for their performance; they are our two quietest and most gentle PPR Ladies



The second wonderful piece of exciting news was confirmation from Rebecca Turnbull, (Sales Manager for HIC), that The Royal Hall has given us this stunning and special venue, totally free from a hire-fee, for our inaugural;

PPR Foundation; ‘Black, White and Pearls Ball’

To be held on Friday 7th November 2014. This is the very first time that The Royal Hall has awarded such a concession and we are so very privileged and indeed, humbled that they have chosen us as their very first Charity to receive such a generous accolade. Thank you to everyone who has made this happen, especially to Rebecca who was foremost in instigating this amazing initiative.

Image 1

pprwinetastingnov2013thumbThis week has been quite quiet by comparison to the last, but we are very excited that a week tonight as, on Friday 29th November, Rosie is hosting her very first ‘PPR  Event’, (the first of many we hope),  – A Wine Tasting Evening at Dr B’s. Tickets are selling fast so please do contact Rosie to secure yours. It promises to be a really super evening and you will taste some wonderful wines and can even place an order in time for Christmas delivery. Dr B’s are providing super canapés; do come and join us; it will be such fun.


How very lucky we are to have another event on the evening of December 5th, very generously hosted by Mrs Dawna Goss at her Beech Grove home and The PPR Ladies thank her so much for her generosity.

Val Jones, from Borcq will be showcasing her bespoke pearl jewellery, on sale that evening, (prices from £10 upwards). Val is very talented; she re-strings precious pearls for so many people, (including The Gentry); takes bespoke commissions, makes superb jewellery and, is always in such demand.

The PPR Foundation will, on the evening have a ‘Tree of Life’; with fabulous prizes and our ticket price, (which is only a minimum cost of ‘£1’ – our signature donation). We will also have a wonderful array of unusual and special Christmas candles and ‘Christmassy Bits’ for sale.

A glass of fizz, coupled with Dawna’s specialist handmade canapés certainly cannot be missed; do please come and join us for this lovely pre-cursor to Christmas – it will certainly get you into the Christmas Spirit with a vengeance.

Our new PPR Office in Ripley is now nearing completion and we cannot wait to start our very important work there. The carpet tiles were supplied and laid, (courtesy of Graham Ervine (of ‘Design Contract Flooring’), totally free of charge. ‘Uncle Graham’, you have been so generous; thank you so much from all at The PPR Foundation – we all owe you so much.



Asia has been in the office this week, cleaning it to …… – within an inch of its life and, she will not accept any payment whatsoever for her services; QUOTE, “Pammie; it is all for PPR”.  Also, Maciek, Asia’s husband, works quietly, (and also free of charge), in the background doing all those jobs that so desperately need doing and, the ones that nobody else wants to do. Thank you Asia and Maciek so very much; you have been so generous. We are so grateful to you both; we love having you both on board,Image

We have been very busy unpacking boxes of kitchen equipment and other sundry items – all needed for our office and, all anonymously donated. We are humbled by the kindness of so many people; thank you all so very much – you all know who you are even though many of you choose not to be named.



I cannot write my final blog without highlighting the very serious side of The PPR Foundation. It is a tragic fact that, it is not only the individual diagnosed with a brain tumour that suffers; it has a devastating effect on the whole family and also upon on their close friends. It is a terrible shock, bewildering and horrifying to all when this horrendous news is delivered. Life can never, ever be the same again as I know from my own very devastating experience; for everyone concerned changes at that absolute moment; it

Much, much more needs to be done to ensure that increased funding goes into brain tumour research. We desperately need to understand why this illness is on the increase, especially in children – WHY?  To that end, we need to double, even  treble our efforts. It is absolutely shocking that 60% of Brain Tumour Research is charity funded and that only 0.7% comes from the government.  Even more shocking is these  statistics are unknown.  It is 2013 for goodness sake! Why are these awful stats hidden?

The PPR Foundation is dedicated to raising funds, raising the profile but above all, the awareness of this definitely ‘FORGOTTON’ cancer.  Please help to eradicate this forgotten cancer; this devastating ’Ticking Time Bomb’. Research is the only way forward; funding is essential; we need your help.


Welcome home Rosie and we look forward to hearing from you next week.

Have a great weekend everyone



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