6th December 2013

Hi Everyone.    

Just the regular update from PPR land.      Before I start, I must correct an error from last week.    The “Black, White and Pearls Ball” is 7th November 2014, not the 14th!     It’s a bit of a poor do when I ask you to ‘save the date’ and I tell you the wrong date, isn’t it!

Well, it’s been another busy week.  Last night we had our ‘Pearl Party’ at Dawna’s house in Beech Avenue.    This was a really nice pre-Christmas event.    Dawna made us all very welcome with drinks and tasty tapas and she has the perfect home for entertaining.  The event was well attended and besides Val’s lovely pearl jewellery, we’d several other Christmas items on sale.   Dawna the host and Val the Pearl Lady 5.12.13

Val ‘the Pearl Lady’ and Dawna, our Hostess

I was really pleased to be part of it.  All of the gifts on sale were such fantastic value for money.   I looked after a stall selling candles and Christmas cards.  I can tell you, I was very busy and the till was ringing!       We had a ‘Tree of Life’ manned by Paula and I think everyone was very pleasantly surprised indeed when they opened their present from the tree.   One of our guests texted back later to ask if there were any more – alas, No!   It was a complete sell out. 

Paula at the Pearl Party 5.12.13

Paula and the Tree of Life

Irene and Jetta were selling Irene’s beautiful pinafores, cushions, and several other goods all, quite literally, as it said on the label, “lovingly handmade”.      Irene has a real talent for this.

Irene and Jetta at Pearl Party 5.12.13

Jetta, “Pinny & Pearls” and Irene

So all in all, thank you very much indeed to all who took part, especially to Dawna for letting us enjoy her beautiful home and hospitality.   

Earlier in the week, you could say we had our first meeting in the new office!     It was a mini-meeting and we were surrounded by wrapping paper and gifts in preparation for the Pearl Party evening and not a lot else, as the furniture was not in place at that point.   Sue, Paula, Pammie and I met to discuss how to take forward our proposals to support the carers of brain tumour patients.   From our meeting with Macmillan the previous week, we know they are keen for us to start up such an avenue of support as there is nothing like this in our area.   They are offering us several courses to equip us and we are eager to gain as much of their knowledge as possible on this.  However, the bottom line is, we just want to offer empathy and understanding and maybe some advice, borne out of our own experience, as to what might come for those who find themselves in the position we were in.   Coincidentally, I had coffee with a friend yesterday and she told me about a friend of hers whose husband has been diagnosed.  Without me having told her about PPR’s planned support, she asked me about the illness and the turns it would take on behalf of her friend.  I recall having such a need to know more when Ian was diagnosed.  I had never even heard of the words “Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV” before.   The medical profession could give me a lot of advice but I had so many other questions.   I hope we can go a little way to assisting those who ask us at what will be the most awful time of their lives.

So, just like everyone else, we are having our Christmas lunch out this coming week.    No fundraising that day – I think we deserve a social event when we’re not ‘on duty’.    We’ll be missing Irene and Margaret, unfortunately, but hey, girls, we’ll raise a glass to you both.

Until next week, all the best.    

Rosie x


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