11 December 2013

A little bit early this week but I think we’ve plenty to report without waiting for Friday!

Oh the compliments we have had about the lovely presents in our Tree of Life at last week’s Pearl Party!    The presents themselves proved very popular but as, seemingly, several people haven’t even opened theirs yet, preferring to leave them for Christmas, it’s the beautiful wrapping that’s got the majority of the praise.    So I just wanted to note that for you, Pammie.    You’ve definitely got a talent on that score and thank you for all the time and care you put in, despite the fact you weren’t feeling well.  

The total sum raised on the evening was the most incredible £620.32!  This was due to so many things: 

1. All the ‘Tree of Life Gifts were donated and …… 

2.  At the very last minute, the lovely candles and tea-light holders were anonymously sponsored, so everything taken on the night was profit. Val and Brian Jones very generously sponsored our fizz and Dawna worked for hours cooking the wonderful tapas. Her generosity leaves us in awe and we owe her a huge vote of thanks.  

Back to Christmas cards – or not, as the case may be.    We’re selling some really appealing cards designed by Frankie Baynham, a pupil at Grove Road Community Primary School at £2.95 for a pack of 8 (check out our website or pop into Bridleys in Harrogate – they’re near the till – not with all the other charity cards upstairs – ours are special!) and we’re making a little bit on each pack for our research project but what we’d really like is to encourage everyone to ask for donations of the money that would be spent on Christmas cards and postage to be sent direct to our cause.   Don’t you get too many cards each year?   Where do you put them all?    Last year, Pammie, Elaine and I set up a Just Giving page each, simply asking people for £1, which is approximately what a card and postage could cost.  It was amazing how much money was donated.    (Having said that, it turned out that the minimum donation on Just Giving is £2 – sorry about that!)   However, we then found that £1 donations to Just Giving can be made by text.      So, if you’d really like to help us achieve our £1 million goal, why not tell your friends that instead of sending them a card this year, you’re sending the money to The PPR Foundation to finance research into brain tumours.    The links to our Just Giving pages are:

Elaine – http://www.justgiving.com/Elaine-Parlour

Pammie – http://www.justgiving.com/Pamela-Roberts1

Rosie – http://www.justgiving.com/Rosie-Lever1

but it would be even better if lots of people would set up their own pages and encourage their friends to donate.

To send a donation by text, send it to 70070.   Elaine, Pammie and I have a separate code each, see below.  Type the code, then the amount and press “Send”.   You’ll get a message back and if you follow the instructions you can leave a message so we know it’s you!  

Elaine – EPAR49

Pammie – PPRF58

Rosie – ROWE57

This week, some of our ladies went to the lab at St James Hospital in Leeds where we are financing the research work into brain tumours.    Unfortuantely, I was unable to go so I will hand over to Pammie to tell you all about it.

“Lis, Nel and I were at The BT Lab in Leeds today. It was the most wonderful surprise when Freya (Anke’s daughter) presented me with a beautiful box, overflowing with money! (£385.18p to be exact).

freya's money This was the sum that they raised at the ‘Cake Sale’ that Anke held at ‘Jimmy’s’ on December 4th supported by Marjorie and so many other members of staff (none of whom are sponsored by PPR). They were given two short hours for their cake sale and raised this amazing sum. I am both humbled and in awe of the fact that the Post Doc Researcher is so ‘on side’ with The PPR Foundation, that she is raising funds on our behalf and has even inspired other staff members to bake cakes to support our initiative. Anke plans to make this an annual event and I have promised her that we PPR Ladies will also bake/contribute/be there and be very supportive next year.

cake stall

ppr stall

We met Ruth, our new Lab Technician (photo below) and knew within a very short time why she was appointed. Anke told me that in the lab, ‘Team PPR’ is unique. They work seamlessly together, and have all become good friends to boot!


It was great to see out PPR Sign on the wall outside the lab, but unfortunately, our sign for the entrance foyer has yet to be put up.” Liz Susan Ruth Anke and Nel

Lis, Susan, Ruth, Anke and Nel

Pauline Francis, one of our PPR Ladies was inspired during her recent house move. She took all her unwanted books to her local hairdresser, Sue, in Pately Bridge and in only 6 short weeks, Sue raised £46 for us from the sale of Pauline’s books and is continuing to sell them in aid of The PPR Foundation. This has jettisoned Pauline into action and she has asked us all (and wants us to ask all our friends) to give her/collect for her, all unwanted books so that she can continue to raise funds by selling them. Well done Pauline; another new initiative for The PPR Foundation.

And apart from everything else that’s been going on recently, we managed to fit in time to have a really nice get together on Monday at Harrogate Golf Club at our Christmas Lunch.   This was attended by the wider circle of PPR ladies.  However, unfortunately, neither Irene or Margaret could make it but they were both in our thoughts.     Thank you Paula for organising the lunch.

We are now busy focusing on getting our new office up and running in readiness for 2014 when we plan to ‘Hit the ground running’. We have so many very exciting initiatives in place for the New Year so, …… continue to ‘Watch this space ……. ‘


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