20 December 2013

Well, this is the last blog before Christmas and I started out the week wondering what I’d be writing as surely it wouldn’t be eventful on the fundraising front, this close to Christmas. However, as always, I was wrong. Our Christmas cards have been selling so well and Simon and the team at Brindleys of Harrogate have really, really helped us here – so an enormous thanks to you! Also, as we hoped, people have so very kindly donated to our Just Giving webpages. Elaine particularly asked for donations in lieu of Christmas cards and once again, she has raised a massive amount – approximately £500 at the time of writing. This, added to last year’s total, elevates her to Just Giving’s second highest fund raiser for The PPR Foundation. Okay, Signet Planning’s Three Peaks Walk still holds the title but there were several of us fundraising on that occasion. Elaine is doing this single handed! It just shows what can be done!
Whilst I was looking at the Just Giving page to be able to report how well donations are going, I noticed that Sue Forsyth has already raised £510 for her Great North Swim – and it’s not even happening until next June. Looks like she could be romping away with the top fundraising title before long. Could be neck and neck! Oh, and hang on, hot off the press, we’ve just heard from Simon Grafton (Brindleys, Harrogate) that his wife, Victoria, is going to do the Coast to Coast Walk in 2014 for us. Yes, Us, PPR! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Victoria – I know Pammie is absolutely delighted that you’ve chosen our charity and she wishes you, Simon and the children (and I quote) “a peaceful and happy Christmas; a healthy, happy and prosperous 2014 and may Brindley’s continue to go from strength to strength.” (It will, I’m sure – it’s one of those irresistible shops where you just need to pop in to have a look but end up wanting to buy so many things.)
Asia had the brilliant idea of selling the gifts left over from the pre-Christmas Pearl Party that was held a couple of weeks ago. There wasn’t a great deal left over as they had been so popular on the night but Asia saw that there’s a market for these and has taken the initiative so she will be selling these via car boot sales. If you come across her, have a look. There are some lovely things and very reasonably priced.
Irene, our pinny lady, has also been making lots and lots of cash for us by selling her handiwork. She makes some beautiful things, all adding yet another dimension to our fundraising activities.
By the way, one has to be able to blow one’s own trumpet, surely! My wine tasting evening still continues to bring in the loot! Another £87 is ready to be banked. I really do prefer this line of work to the one I was paid to do for the last 30 odd years! It’s far more rewarding.
We made a new friend earlier this year called Pam Lyons. Pam lives in Stoke and she had contacted us because, like ourselves, she too had lost her husband to a brain tumour. Pam did some fund raising a few months ago but we appreciate she is quite a distance from our little clan up here in Yorkshire so it was fantastic to hear from her again last week when she let us know that she’d organised a dressing up day at her work to raise funds for PPR’s cause. It is so good to know that the word has spread and we are receiving help from far and wide. Thank you very, very much Pam. Wish I could have seen what you all dressed up as. Any photos??
And even though I may have had concerns about little fundraising activity going on, being The PPR Ladies, it was obvious there’d be something social! This week, several of us went to see Rebecca Newman in a Christmas Carol concert at The Barbican in York. We’d met Rebecca in September at the Party in the Park concert. We’d gone there primarily to hear Russell Watson sing and to meet with him, as he is one of our patrons. However, we met several other fantastic people that day too and Rebecca showed a lot of interest in our cause. We’d gone to the Party in the Park very much as ‘The PPR Ladies’, in our black, white and pearls outfits (it always helps!) and we soon got chatting to Rebecca. We’d been looking forward to seeing her again. It was a very enjoyable pre-Christmas concert – just the thing to get us in the Christmas Spirit (although some might say it doesn’t take much!)
And the new office is now completely ready for us to move into bar one very important thing. Broadband! So, January will be our moving in date and who knows, I could be writing my next blog from there.
So, that’s it for now. May I wish you all a very happy Christmas; a merry New Year’s Eve and everything you wish for yourself in 2014. I will be back on Friday 3rd January 2014.


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