3 January 2014

That’s the first time I’ve typed 2014.    It sounds rather futuristic.   It doesn’t seem long at all since we were looking forward to the Millennium!

Well, I hope that you all had a very happy and restful break over the Christmas and New Year period.    I think I can report that most of us have – except for Pammie of course – who has been beavering away sorting out the new office.   I went to look today and it’s no longer an empty building. Oh no!   It’s been completely transformed into a super, beautifully organised and very effective work place.  We now just await the broadband and then it’s completely ready for us PPR Ladies to get in there and work far harder and more efficiently than ever at our fundraising.

I was very impressed with the furnishings, much of which has come from an office that Pammie and her husband, Peter, used to have and from her own home office.   The shelves are stocked with files and stationery and the cupboards are full of all of the office equipment we could possibly need.    We have had some fantastic donations, for which we are extremely grateful but whatever else was needed, Pammie has financed herself.     I love telling you about our new office but I don’t want you to ever think that the money donated for Brain Tumour Research has financed this.    Definitely not!    100% of that goes to research and, as our Irene puts it “Wi nowt taken out”.

Julie Dedman telephoned Pammie yesterday morning and confirmed that she and Simon, two of our newest patrons, have decided against giving us their old computers after all. Instead, they are buying us brand new ones AND our own server; what’s more, they are sending their service providers to install them for us.     What fantastic generosity.   Thank you both so much.  

And talking of patrons, we have a new one on board – Julia Skrentny.   Julia, we look forward to working with you.

So, it looks likely that we can now plan our official opening of the office for mid-April.  This should nicely coincide with our Race Day at Ripon Races on the 17th April.     Ripon Races is one of our biggest annual events.   Please save the date and come along and join us.    We aim to have 10 tables of 10 people.   The Racecourse lets us have a box;  the food is gorgeous and there’s a wonderful view of the course.   I’ve attended for the last two years and it’s a brilliant, good fun afternoon.

And don’t forget our Ball on the 7th November at the Royal Hall in Harrogate.   The theme is ‘Black, White and Pearls’ so if you happen to spot a beautiful ball gown in the sales, don’t be shy – rush in and buy!     

As January is now upon us and we’re making resolutions, I wonder if it’s an opportune time to ask you to think about leaving a gift/legacy to The PPR Foundation in the event of death.   This would be a wonderful way of helping to eradicate an illness which takes lives prematurely, and particularly the lives of young children.  The research we are currently financing is going to ultimately find a cure (and apparently this can make the burden of inheritance tax lighter so it’s well worth considering).

Irene tells me that the United Reformed Church at West Park in Harrogate took some information from her and they are now going to make us their chosen charity between April and June this year.    Thank you very, very much to the Church for doing this for us!

And finally, Margaret, a very special PPR Lady, has now been in hospital for six weeks since a fall when she was away from home which rendered her unable to walk.    She’s improving now but is still marooned several miles away from us so I just want to send lots of love from all of us and GET BETTER SOON!!

That’s all for now.     Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

Rosie x



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