10 January 2014

Hi there!    Although we haven’t fully wound up again yet from the Christmas/New Year break, certain things are being set in motion!   Sue’s organised some outdoor swimming practice in a river so that she’ll be well equipped for the Great North Swim that we want you all to sponsor her for in June.     If she’s prepared to practice in a river at this time of year (brrrrr, the very thought of it makes me shiver!), then she surely deserves a little helping hand.   Please encourage her by making a donation, however small, via her JustGiving page – http://www.justgiving.com/Sue-Forsyth     

On to a warmer event – our Black White and Pearls Ball on the 7th November (make sure the date is in your diary!)   It seems that this is already inspiring some ladies to go out and buy a ball gown!     I was very encouraged last week when I was shopping with a friend and she bought a beautiful long black dress for the ball – “Goody”, I thought, “that means she’s definitely going to come”.    However, a couple of days later, I noticed a photograph on Facebook showing her teenage daughter wearing the very same dress, only a rather cropped version of it to a New Year’s Eve party!    Hmmm, Ally, I think you’ll have to start again (and don’t let your daughter look in your wardrobe next time).    

I’m currently taking advanced driving lessons (I realised I needed to have a refresher course after the last speeding ticket).   As my car is badged up with the PPR logo on either side, my instructor asked me if I would perhaps speak to a friend of his whose husband has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour.   I was pleased to be asked and really hope that I can give some kind of help to this lady as this is precisely what PPR would like to be able to offer to anyone who finds themselves in the situation we have each been in.  We certainly found some comfort in meeting each other.  Macmillan are going to assist us in this as apparently there is no other such offer currently available in our area to the loved ones/carers of a brain tumour patient.   Our hope is that possibly, in talking to somebody who has shared this awful journey, we can help in some small way.

It looks like we’ll have the broadband in our office after the 17th January so that means we can really get cracking!     Pammie is just buying the last few bits and pieces necessary and then we’ll be ready to go.   We cannot of course run our office from any of the money donated to brain tumour research so we are busy trying to find ways to fund the office costs.   One of our ideas is to set up an E-bay site to help raise such funds so if you have anything that you don’t want but it could be worth selling, please let us know and we will happily do the necessary.    By funding the office, we are facilitating more fundraising for our real cause!

Well, that’s all for now.   It’s Friday evening and time to wind down – so that’s just what I’m about to do.     Happy weekend!   See you soon.



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