PPR Foundation – Brain Tumour Research – Blog 28.3.14

Hi Everyone.

Happy “Wear a Hat” Day!    Today we’re being asked to wear a hat to unite and bring awareness to Brain Tumours.  And before I go any further, just have a look at this!    This is a transcript taken from a meeting yesterday in the House of Commons.   

House of Commons

Thursday 27 March 2014

The House met at half-past Nine o’clock


[Mr Speaker in the Chair]

Andrew Jones (Harrogate and Knaresborough) (Con): Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer among under-40s, and tomorrow is Wear A Hat day in aid of brain tumour research. We are very fortunate in Harrogate and Knaresborough to have a dynamic local charity called the PPR Foundation founded by a local lady, Pamela Roberts, who does great work raising funds for brain tumour research. Please may we have a debate about how we can raise awareness of the symptoms of brain tumours among the under-40s?

Mr Lansley: It is important that my hon. Friend raises the work that PPR and Pamela Roberts are doing, and I am grateful to him for doing so. When I was Secretary of State, I was very aware of the continuing risk of brain tumours, particularly among younger people, and the lack of diagnosis and treatment options. That is one of the reasons we took the decision to invest £150 million in the establishment of proton beam therapy centres. It is a continuing issue. I will of course raise it with my hon. Friends at the Department of Health, but if he is in his place next Tuesday when they respond to questions, he might find a further opportunity to do so.


 It’s a few weeks since I last posted a blog on the website and our fund raising activities have stepped up a lot!   

 I must tell you first about our market stall held at Knaresborough Market this week.     This was on Wednesday.  After Tuesday’s rain, I have to admit to not being too optimistic about this, but Wednesday was beautifully dry and bright.  We’d been collecting donated goods for weeks and our stall was bulging when we set up shop.    Our team consisted of 6 PPR ladies and our latest recruit – a PPR Gentleman, Peter!     He must have brought us luck!    We made the best part of £500 and had lots of fun being market traders for the day.   There’d been a lot of effort put into this prior to the event and particular mention goes to Paula who had managed to secure the stall for us and to Elaine who spent an awful lot of time pricing every item.    A massive thanks to everyone who was involved.     


Whilst asking for donations for our market stall, some interesting, unusual and more expensive items have been donated to us;  these have now been sold, or are currently on sale on Ebay, and again, the money is rolling in.  We are so grateful to all those who have donated goods.      It’s also the case that funds are not always raised in the ‘obvious’ way.    I sold two large porcelain dolls on Ebay this week   In themselves, the dolls didn’t raise a great deal of money but the lady who bought them struck up a dialogue with me once she realised that the money was going to brain tumour research.      So touched was she by our cause, that she is now donating a valuable collectors’ item teddy bear to us to be auctioned on Ebay.    We seem to meet some amazing people along the way.

Oh, and we will always welcome donations of books, particularly,  as we have an on-going sale in Sue’s Hairdressing Salon in High Street, Pateley Bridge, thanks to our own PPR Lady, Pauline, and to Sue’s Hairdressers.   In fact, if you think your hairdresser may have space for a charity book stand in their salon, please will you let us know.     Going by the cash that’s coming in from the Pateley Bridge salon, it would seem that hairdressing clients like reading books.

On the subject of sales, we are going to have a Thrift Shop at St Peter’s Church in Harrogate town centre (right next to Primark!) on the 19th September.    Jetta and Irene are in charge of this one, although we’ll all be pitching in to help.   Besides serving coffee and tea, we will be selling all sorts of goods:   crafts, vintage and designer clothing, books, CDs and bric-a-brac, etc.    Put the date in your diary because we seem to be getting good at tempting the public to buy our fantastic bargains!

Before I go any further, can I just re-mention that Sue Foster and Anthony Cross are getting married on the 12th April.     Sue was possibly going to be my daughter-in-law once-upon-a-time but, hey, life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect and things took a different turn and now she is absolutely in love with Ant.    But the very, very best thing is that they’re not making a wedding list full of gifts they’d like for their new home;  no, they’ve asked their friends to donate something to PPR to finance brain tumour research instead.     It’s got to rate as one of the most unselfish acts I have heard of!    Although you don’t know Sue and Ant (and might I add that Ant didn’t know Ian whose death has inspired Sue to fundraise for us), it would be a wonderful way of wishing this young couple happiness by supporting their fantastic gesture.  Here’s the link to their Just Giving page:     


Also, just a reminder that Victoria Grafton is doing the Coast to Coast walk between 30th April and 10th May in support of PPR and if would also be great if you could show her your support too.    Her webpage can be found at:


Our next social events are our annual trip to Ripon Races on Thursday 17th April and a Vintage Tea Party at Markenfield Hall on Thursday 29th April.   Have a look on our Events page on the website:


And I’m going to leave it there and wish you all a very happy weekend, especially to all the Mums.

Rosie x










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